Stop the XDRTB epidemic

Apart from the fact that TED is a congress where one gathers inspiration, or that it has a Red Bull effect on ones personal development, TED is also a platform for those that “wish” to make a positive change in this world and are given support in their pursuit.

This support is done by means of the TED-prize, financial reinforcement and the assistance of the entire TED-Community in realizing their “wish”. Last week I stumbled upon the wish of Photo journalist James Nachtwey on the topic of XDR-TB (a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis that’s touching off a global medical crisis).

Here is the video

Watch how James Nachtwey realises his TED wish: “I’m working on a story that the world needs to know about. I wish for you to help me break it, in a way that provides spectacular proof of the power of news photography in the digital age.”

For more information on how to help and 3 way specific ways, click on this link