Coffee break time

After an intense first sessions of presentations, it is finally coffee break; we seem to have almost caught up the lost time from starting late. Although, given the system for serving coffee, I cannot see everyone being fed and watered in the time allocated for the break. There were some interesting differences and commonalities between the first set of speakers, who were all addressing ‘why’ issues. Cancer featured strongly as a disease on which some of the speakers focused.

My personal view is that I did not agree with one of the basic premises of the first speaker (Simon Sinek) who essentially seemed to be saying that you cannot grow communities and trust online and there has to be physical, face-to-face interaction. This seemed to me to be a somewhat luddite approach. From my own experience of nearly 20 years on online interactions – through bulletin boards, email lists, and now social media, I think that trust can grow online. Some of my online colleagues I have never met – some, I have managed to have the ‘icing on the cake’ of actually meeting them. But, I think this discussion will run and run.

Coen van Veenendaal got a standing ovation for his talk – and well-deserved; the most inspiring speaker of the day, so far – wil be interesting to listen to the others.