Seven sins of health care innovation

Remco Hoogendijk, @ocmer for twitter users, senior consultant at Oost NV, is very much involved in health care innovation. Oost NV, the business development organization in the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel amongst others participates in Health Valley. The latter a foundation with the objectives to stimulate and create health care innovation.

Remco presents what the failures are in health care innovation, reasons why they are deemed to fail.

First, dare taking risk. If you don’t take risk, you’ll fail

Second, be better than to others, otherwise you’ll fail

Third, money back guarantee, failure! Put your own money on the table

Forth, try to learn from others mistakes, otherwise you will end at the graveyard of failures

Sixth,  don’t think too far ahead,

Seventh, there is no excuse to forget the patients, get them involved. Without it, failure is guaranteed.