Get creative, get involved!

There is a movie which I like very much “la vita e’ bella” (” Life is beautiful”). It won Oscars in 2009 and was directed by Roberto Benigni. It has the power to make me cry and smile at the same time… When I first saw the movie, I realised how relevant the power of love and imagination is to transform a tragedy into a game and finally to give energy to conquer all…

I had the same feeling years later when I met some teenage cancer survivors who were participating in a scientific meeting to share their experiences by contributing to the project “”. During the debate they shared their courageous stories of their daily lives affected by cancer, how they strive to be creative and to get involved in other people’s stories of illness and hope… The teenagers created an unexpected and amazing feeling in the room due to their special contagious humour… We never stopped smiling!

Cancer in children and teenagers is something difficult to manage easily from a psychological and medical point of view. Luckily there now are websites where young people who have been affected by cancer, can share their stories, lives, emotions, dreams and urges to be creative. Most of all they are reassured in this way that they are supporting not only the patients but also their friends, family, doctors, and anyone around them who is feeling affected by their illness.

One good example of sharing compassion and energy to be connected…

Get creative, get involved!

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Blog by Nadia Ceratto