TEDxMaastricht is a beautiful journey

Wrapping up for the holiday season, i was reflecting on the latest steps in the developing story of setting up this event with some of my colleaugues at the office. Yesterday i had this great skypecalls with people from IBM about Watson, and Pedro Monterei Cardiologist from Portugal that will soon be announced as a speaker. Both calls made clear that shift in healthcare is happening at present and 2012 could be a very very interesting year with lots of change coming up.  Talking about possible angles from people’s personal stories about healthcare finding the right spark that derserves to be “spot on” on stage takes traveltime with great travelcompagnons.

Also yesterday i managed to break into the schedule of our Chairman of the Board Melvin Samsom to quickly record a videomessage about TEDxRadboudU, what is going to be our internal NewYear celebration with the colleagues of Radboud University Medical Centre. The next step in the journey of our UMC embracing “the patient as partner”.

Yesterday evening i received a text-sms of one of our TEDx speakers about modeling the TEDxTalk and in the phonecall that followed once again great vision and passion was obvious present. Feels great to aid speakers in their journey.

The day started early enough to round-up a great partner-agreement with BSL (part of Springer media) as sponsor-partner making this event possible in many way’s that will surprise you ánd as media partner with Skipr (just like last year) Thank you @danny this also was a great journey.

Talking of journeys we are glad and proud to partner with the Convention Company that will take care of all the travel-arrangements for our great speakers that actually will be flown in from ALL corners of the world.

More great partners to announce very soon.

And last bu not least for now the great journey of confirming more and more speakers like today where we announced the musical appearance of Yori Swart as a great singer that i ran into on TEDx Amsterdam LIVE earlier this year. The day after she was kind enough to say yes when i asked her if she would be open to perform on TEDxMaastricht. Recently she won the “great price of The Netherlands, a BIG honoring price and Nr. 1 competition in LIVE music.
Also we’re proud to have Marion Coster on stage performing her Compassion for Care song.

Also great news to announce that at the second edition of TEDxMaastricht we actually let patients help, by have our great friend E-patient Dave to co-host the Patient-talks that you can expect from us again.  His video at TED.com by the way today hit the 300.000 viewing mark, multiply that with the standard 20 times TED.com video are been seen (people watching together downloaded and played again) and you get an incredible number of  1.6 million views, wow !

Keep an eye on the news, twitter and our blogs, since this journey in no way is coming to an end already ;-)

Lucien (@lucienengelen)

p.s. oh… and keep an eye on your inbox as well this x-mas, some people that applied for an invite might have something brought by Santa…..