Love… and other drugs

The first time I really began to understand the importance and the practical impact of “compliance” and “adherence” in healthcare was when I listened to an “unusual” speaker during a scientific workshop.

On this occasion, it was not a  medical doctor or a healthcare professional giving the presentation, but a cancer survivor patient.

Being a molecular pathologist and a researcher, it was the first time I realised how far we can stray from reality when designing research plans without knowing, in detail, the impact it may have on the daily life of patients, on statistics, on epidemiological data and the effect of drugs. How important it is to be able to see research and experiments through a patient’s eyes.

“The shift in perspective matters. I’d always viewed patients as visitors in our hospital ” like described in this article by an oncologist.

Due to this inspiring experience, I also began to get interested in sharing ideas and information using social media. And in opening up a wider view of resources to follow healthcare debates and programmes, including patient support organisations. And so another chapter of my life and career started…

I will be so happy to see, on stage, at TEDxMaastricht 2012, Maarten alias the Dutch cowboy!  Maarten Lens-FitzGerald is the founder of Layar, the mobile augmented reality platform and a cancer survivor who is sharing his journey through his illness by internet blog.

I am very keen to be engaged in this new journey towards new technologies and emotions!

A blog by Nadia Ceratto