From `How’ to `Who’

Personalized medicine, an inconvenient truth?! 

At the beginning of the 21th century, we can figure out which individual people can get which illness. And more targeted, which treatment is most suitable for the individual who is sick. This is called from ‘Molecule to Man’ (M2M), or ‘personalized medicine’. A provocative development because the protocols for treatment  and plans that are currently prescribed from the general directives, become more and more precise and match the singular individual.  As a result of this development, in the near future people will only undergo treatment if we know that this is aimed specifically at this persons unique DNA. This means a big advantage for the patient but also for society as a whole.

It’s not just technical

However, this ‘science’ is not so 2 dimensional. Because a patient is more than its breast, its oesophagus, its lungs. It is a human being. A human with an illness. And for those unique people it is not sufficient when healthcare professionals only regard the ‘medically technical side’. The emotional-psycho-social aspects also needs great attention. To influence the quality of life in a positive way during the illness.

Who are you?

From the patients point of view, there is growing need that M2M-care really becomes personal, truly human-centered. The attention has to move from `How are you’ to `Who are you’.  This is what the AYA project aims to do. However, care is not arranged to answer this question. Not logistically and not financially. Is it still too uncomfortable, to inconvenient? 

 A blog by Eveliene Manten-Horst