Pioneers en followers

There are four kinds of physicians. Pioneers, followers, wait-and-see’ers and negatives.

The pioneers are the doctors you’ll find at initiatives like eHealth. They’re betting for innovation and improvement of care, whether or not helped by technology. These are the people who shape the future.

The followers are the first to follow after the pioneers to embrace the new developments. They become the ambassadors of these initiatives. Pioneers can’t do without followers and followers can’t do without pioneers. Followers are the people who embrace the future.

Wait-and-see’ers are extremely important. If they embrace a new development, they create the critical mass that is needed for the normalization of a new product or service into the daily practice of healthcare.  They are not as fast as followers to adapt new initiatives, but when they do, nothing can go wrong. Followers are the people who make the future real.

With the negatives the story is longer. This is the group of people who think: ‘why should I change my daily practice?’ They implement new technologies only if they are forced to. Negatives are the people who delay the future.

What kind of doctor are you?


A blog by Karin Oost