Get your movie ticket

You can still attend TEDxMaastricht. Can you? Yes, Theater aan het Vrijthof is fully booked. However, keeping up with 2.0 developments, this year we will take TEDxMaastricht to the next level: TEDxMaastricht Goes to the Movies! We knew for some of you Maastricht is way to far, others were one of the many unfortunate ones that just didn’t manage to get an invitation. We wanted to give you a little extra this year. Looking for innovative ways to extend our scope, accessibility and number of attendants, TEDxMaastricht 2012 is the first TEDx event to take place in Theater aan Het Vrijthof plus six extra cinema locations accross the country. Joining hands with Amstelfilm and Rialto (Amsterdam), ForumImages (Groningen), Lumiere (Maastricht), LantarenVenster (Rotterdam), Louis Hartlooper Complex (Utrecht) and LUX (Nijmegen) we have a total of 999 extra seats. TEDxMaastricht on the big screen, incredible sound and like minded souls in the seats next to you.
Expect a little bit extra at these locations: you stand in direct contact with Theater het Vrijthof through the digital network, you have the power to navigate our behind the scenes interviewer and ask your favorite speaker your personal questions, and of course share your new inspiration, thoughts (and of course businesscards) with like minded souls.One of these seats could be yours, but don’t wait to long, because seats are going fast.

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