How do you put your inspiration into action?

TEDx Maastricht has been a source of inspiration. But the main question is: what’s next?

International speakers, patients, doctors, care professionals and even an authentic medicinman have fascinated thousands of people. People who attended TEDxMaastricht physically, people who watched TEDxMaastricht in hospitals, cinemas or via livestream.  TEDxMaastricht in short, has been a real happening.  

The question that bothers me is… what happens the day after? Are changes really being processed in the practices of hospitals, doctors and care professionals? Will patients explore participatory healthcare? Or will the terror of daily business kill all inspiration we experienced toghether?

To me, TEDx was inspiring as well. As a potential patient. The question is: how will I use this inspiration if I go to the general practioner who has not attended TEDxMaastricht? I’m not done thinking about this. As I said, I am not a patient yet. But when I become one, I’ll certainly recapture the talks of Clarissa Silva and Lucien Engelen and  Jip Keijzer. Will that be enough though? Recently I read in Medisch Contact that a patient as well should study how to be a patient. But I’ll put that aside for now.

I certainly do hope that the caretakers I will meet have been to TEDxMaastricht and consider me as a partner in my healing proces and as a patientexpert (Roni Zeiger) and that they are open to nonconventional ideas (Edje).

Because of all these questions, mediapartner Artsennet has opened a discussion that challenges you to write an essay about how you continue after TEDxMaastricht (dutch). 

In which way have you been inspired and how will you use that in your relations to your patients? Which lessons have you learned and how will you put these into practice? How will you help your patients now? And how will you treat me when I am your patient?

A blog by Karin Oost