Maarten Lens-FitzGerald: share without borders

From ICT to participatory healthcare: a challenge in translating technology into a patient inclusion tool. Sometimes the future that you taught doesn’t happen. Mostly the future comes as surprise. Maarten presented his story and challenge to change his destiny on stage today.

He has been an Internet professional since 1993 and ever since the beginning, internet was “his house”. The way to connect to people around the world, sharing and playing. In 2007 he brought his expertise to the mobile industry, co-founding Mobile Monday Amsterdam and later SPRXmobile.

In 2008 Maarten was diagnosed with cancer and his perspective changed dramatically the last years. As Patient 2.0, sharing all his experiences through the Web and his blog, he could document even miserable details of his life as a cancer patient. When desperate, the choice of treatment suspension and of new perspective came through his “house internet” and gave to him the possibility to live and recover.

Maartens’ voice and his unique path as a cancer survivor make a great example of a “success story” to share. To inform and provide help to other patients by giving hope. Creatively, he could get an interactive idea of becoming actor in the interaction with the reality from a cancer experience – to change it and to improve it.

Augmented reality and his digital platform give us the “playground” to elaborate the world around us. In a world where 2 billion people are using internet, this could make the real difference in our lives by creating a worldwide community – to share and learn from eachother without borders!

Maarten Lens Fitzgerald

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