Michael Evans: A true general practitioner

“I’m a general practitioner in the true sense of the word”, that’s what speaker Michael Evans told me last night during the pre-event meetup. Indeed, he is a family physician in Canada where he deals with all the everyday difficulties that people have with their health. But as he says in his talks, he also likes to make stuff.

And when you combine these ingredients, improving health and making stuff, you get the combination that will get you up on a TED stage eventually. Michael has many initiatives going on, too many to put together in a talk, but he still tried.

First there is a video “23 ½ hours” which is going pretty viral on youtube . It’s the right kind of viral. As a family physician Michael works to eliminate viruses and bacteria, but when you turn these principles around you have the right ingredients for reaching people. With this video he does just that, teaching the broad public about the importance of their personal health.

On the other hand there is a meeting that he organizes where patients and creatives (artist, filmmakers etc.) come together to discuss and solve health issues. The main focus is “where care happens”. When we think about changing care, we often think about hospitals and doctors’ offices. But research shows that personal health happens at home two-thirds of the time. That should be the place to change things.

The last thing Michael talked about is a website called my favourite medicine. On this site you’ll find a curation of the best information for patients. Think of apps, books, flyers and more, you can find it all there. The great thing is that it’s aggregated by what Michael calls patient experts, the people who know the most about health issues.

As you can see, this guy has a lot going on and if I were you I would follow him around. The things he does are great, not only for people with health problems but also for you and me. Because staying healthy is better than getting better.


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