Naveen Jain: Solving problems starts with you

Naveen is a small person, rapidly speaking big words about solving worldproblems like healthcare and education. Important in his story is that he believes the solutions starts with the individual. With you. Think what you can do to solve problems. That is his message to inspire.

Jain starts his story with data about the fast growth of het populatin. One starts to wonder, he says, how can the planet support so many people? Sustainability, using less of what we have, isn’t working. It’is all about creation. Create more of what you need. Because Jain says: ‘We want what we want and we want more of it.’ Creation should be based on science.

The education system is broke because of the way we teach. Neuroscience must be used to improve the learningproces, Jain believes. What do we learn of videogames? In games there is a motivator to continue playing, it is for making a better avator or improve tot the next level. That aspect is to be used in education. You can only go to the second level if you have catched the first one. The current system has fixed times to learn. Jain says we need to change this: we need fixed learnings in variable times.’

Healthcare is also broke. The interest of docters isn’t healthy people. ‘The doctor gets no incentive to keep you well. He makes money because you’re ill.’ At the same time billions of people elsewhere have no acces to healthcare. It is an infrastructural problem. So, Jain suggests, what if we build an artificial system based on knowledge instead of disease? Healthcare is not about infrastructure, it is about knowledge.

Big worldproblems concern everyone. And everyone can solve them, is Jains opinion. ‘He who sees the problem is a human, he who sees the solution is visionary, he who does something is an entrepreneur’.

Naveen Jain
A blog by Karin Oost