Yori Swart

She performs and acts in a innovative ‘holistic’ way; the guitar intensifies her voice. And voice and guitar both reinforce the lyrics. ‘There can be miracles when you believe’. Real empowerment. Hence Yori Swart belongs without any doubt on the stage of the 2nd TedX Maastricht ‘the future of health’. Because empowerment is the key word of this TedX.

Yori sings a few songs.

‘Take my hand an go. Take this so song, take my mind, take my heart, take all that you need. I give you all that I know’

One song she wrote only two days ago specially for this TedX Maastricht; untitled.

Haven’t we all got something to say?

‘Dare’  or ‘Dare not to be afraid’ are suggestions from the audience.

‘I say nothing’ is one of her other songs, and that what this TedX is all about:  obtain a hearing follows naturally the telling. As health care professionals we have to listen en ‘say nothing’ for a while when the patient tells his story. And in this intimate time the patient has the guts to allow us, as health care professionals, to take a look behind the scene of his life. We are obliged to handle with care this unconditional believe of the patient in our skills and knowledge. And we have to realize that real health care is about ‘high tech’ and ‘high touch’. Observing and listening occupy a special place in this kind of care. We also have to realize that our skills and knowledge is only one part of the whole; the patient has the other part of it. Only together it is complete.

Listening to the music accompanied by words of Swart on the 2nd of april 2012 on stage of the tedX Maastricht, the audience understands and endorse.

Back in our hospitals and health care organizations, I hope we will often remember this performance and what feeling of empowerment it has released in each of us!

A blog by Eveliene Manten-Horst