Kids-rights, a 15-year-old, physics & email.

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-13 om 20.24.09What do they have in common ? Well they are all connected to our speakers on stage at TEDxNijmegen on April 8th.

We are releasing more and more speakers and their short bios on the speakers-page. We are proud to have Herman van Veen (plays the violin, sings, writes, composes, directs, paints and is an activist for the Rights of the Child.) coming to our stage. Or Jack Andraka who recently was invited at the White House joining The President and the First lady at the State of the Union, but most of all because this 15-year old bright kid invented a complet new cancer test.

The fact that Bertalan Meskó is joining us to share his perspective on medicine is just a thrilling as 95-year old professor on theoretical physics Edward Gerjuoy or Kim Spinder who will share her journey stopping the use of e-mail.

Some of you might know the great story of Guusjes father Lowie van Gorp blogging during his late daughters cancer, and others will have heard of how a former Riz-Carlton executive Gerard van Grinsven turning in a hospital into a community of well-being.