Feeling good? Go to the doctor!

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-18 om 10.38.47In Western European life we are used to get to the doctor when we suffer from pain or other matters of inconvenience. In other cultures it is also usual to go to a doctor or Wiseman before you become sick, in order to recognize the early signals of our body that announce misbalance. What if we could combine the best of both worlds to prevent (some types of) illness by changing our lifestyle in time?

PhD student Koko Wei of the Sino-Dutch Centre explains in this video how traditional Chinese doctors can diagnose subtypes of pre-diabetics by asking questions, feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue. The interesting part is that she validated their diagnoses by modern Western metabolomics technology.

This means that it is possible to identify subtypes of pre-diabetics at a very early stage by combining Chinese medicine diagnosis and metabolomics. Further research has to be done to find out if the pre-diabetic people will really become diabetic patients.

If so, it might be wise to go to the (Chinese?) doctor while you are still feeling healthy.

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