Koalas and the gift of life

sleepy-koalaI was twelve when I decided that I wanted to travel to Australia when I was older. My grandmother asked me why. Because I want to see koalas, was my answer at that time…

This dream became more and more profound and was realized ten years later. After graduating from university I hopped on an airplane and travelled for a year, from South-East Asia to the koalas in Australia. It is great to enjoy that much freedom and to enjoy life to the fullest. What more can you want then to feel like the queen of the world, even on limited financial means?

That trip led me to another trip: six months in South-America. It was there that I learned to enjoy the little things in life. What can be more important than being healthy and experiencing happy moments with all your loved ones? Years later these experiences still bring me joy and whenever life gets me down I remember these moments and what I felt back then. When I do that I remember once more: to be alive is a gift.

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