“You look awfully good”

jezieter“Your mammogram is suspicious for breast cancer.” “Your biopsy was positive for breast cancer.” These are among the most terrifying words a woman can hear from her doctor. Breast cancer elicits so many fears, including those relating to death, surgery, loss of body image, and loss of sexuality. Managing these fears can be facilitated by information and knowledge so that each woman can make the best decisions concerning her care.

Last year she visited TEDxMaastricht. She enjoyed. This year she sent us her book.

‘Je ziet er harstikke goed uit’. A personal story with a lot of practical information. That’s the confronting but also ‘comic’ book on breast cancer written and drawn by breast cancer survivor Annabel Bolck.

She describes one year of her life as a breast cancer patient. From the first discovery to the (permanent) effects of chemotherapy. It is sometimes very violent, sometimes funny or downright hilarious. Especially when everyone but stubbornly insists: “You look awfully good!”.

After the chemo Annabel had to deal with heartfailure. She writes about this permanent effect of her chemotherapy on her blog.

Breast cancer treatment has come a long way over the years, saving countless lives. Researchers keep pressing for better drugs and earlier diagnoses. Many organisations and companies offer advice, information, products, guidance, psychosocial support and activities to enhance health and wellbeing.


A blog by Corine Jansen