Birth of a Crane

avatarEveryone knows that feeling when suddenly a plan falls together. Recently we had this when we got our new visual style presented (by the way, don’t you love it?) by the cool guys from buro302. They created a minimal origami theme, in which the folded figures resemble the different stages of life. When seeing this, our team member Corine Jansen remembered how 1000 cranes were folded during the funeral of Jip Keizer who died of cancer in 2012. The folding of these birds symbolise health and prosperity. Or in other words: they symbolise the essence of life.

But wait, wasn’t that our theme this year?! Of course, the crane should be the symbol of TEDxNijmegen 2013: accelerate from age 0 to 110. We dove into the art of folding the little creatures and luckily found an expert to help us to master our skills.

At the same time about 6000 miles from home Lucien Engelen and Melvin Samsom were watching Kees Moeliker on stage at TED in the US, about a dead duck. : serendepity ?