Looking for a place to stay the night in Nijmegen?

twinShortly before I signed up for TEDxNijmegen I saw Amanda Palmer’s TED-Talk. She inspired me to make the invitation mentioned above.

In a short while all of us will experience an inspiring day in the Stadschouwburg in Nijmegen. I’m looking forward to it!

When, after signing up, I actually received an invitation I was somewhat shocked at the times listed. The day starts at a quarter to eight in the morning. We’re expected! I live in Nijmegen and for me it’s not a 10 minute journey to the Stadschouwburg, but what if you live further away? That would mean you’d have to get up very early in the morning. Of course, you could book a hotel room, rent an apartment through www.airbnb.nl….. or you could stay the night at the home of one of TEDxNijmegen’s participants.

I challenge other participants who live nearby to put that empty floor space to good use and put down a mattress for a guest. Or to sleep on a mattress yourself and free up a bed that way. People of Nijmegen, we live in the city that nearly one million people flock to every summer for the Four Days Marches. If all those people can find a place to stay near Nijmegen, it should not be a problem to find all the participants of TEDxNijmegen a place to stay. That’s what I thought at least.

Where will you end up if you take me up on my offer? One of my two rooms in a clean dorm in a quiet area in West Nijmegen. There is enough space for an extra bed, maybe even more than one.

I’m inviting you… Send me a DM via Twitter, @GernaScholte.

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