Personalized life style advice

Healthy-LifeThis spring an international group of scientists announced to the world that they reconstructed the human metabolism, our molecular roadmap. The impact of this paper is discussed in TV-shows and national newspapers. A Dutch scientist involved, Hans Westerhoff, explains in this late night show what this publication means for health care.

One of the applications of this knowledge is that we can design a personalized diet that nicely fits our unique metabolic map. We could decrease the risk of diseases by this diet, and by changing other aspects of our lifestyle.

What would my personalized map say? Would it allow me to smoke because I have a low chance on lung cancer anyway? Would it advise me to skip the steaks on the menu of my favourite restaurant? Would it demonstrate me that I have a high risk of heart problems that can only be lowered if I start running three times a week? And what if I don’t start running; will those heart problems be my own fault?

As a scientific educated woman I welcome all new discoveries in life sciences, with curiosity and sometimes amazement. Applying science to my personal life is however another story.

A bog by Karin van Haren