Bertalan Meskò: social media health

MB-20130408-1534Bertalan (Berci) is a geek.

He is a medical futurist who started out being a project leader of ’personalised medicine through genomics’ at the Center for Clinical Genomics and Personalised Medicine at the University of Debrecen.

His peculiar skill: he was able to filter his medical knowledge online and create a medical network that could help the community crowdsourcing medical questions.

Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD graduated from the University of Debrecen, Medical School and Health Science center. He obtained a Weszprémy Award as a medical doctor in 2009 and finished his PhD in the field of clinical genomics focusing on  pharmacogenomic applications of autoimmune conditions in 2012 summa cum laude.

He is the author of the multiple award-winning medical blog and the founder and lecturer of the Social Media in Medicine on/offline university credit course which is the first of its kind worldwide.

His remarkable invention, called, is the first online service that has a very ambitious goal: to curate the medical and health-related social media resources without charging fees to patients and medical professionals surfing the internet.

His story starts with an example: his own Twitter account where he spreads the word on topics related to social media in healthcare, but also on everything that is related to technology.  The example is the Conan O’Brien experience of challenging doctors’ communication online by using twitter as a source of information and comments from specialists after posting a photo of a mole.

Crisis is around us, tackling religion, politics, marketing and, of course, healthcare.

Crisis can bring innovation both through disruptive technology and in a traditional way to communicate, too, even in medicine and clinical practice.

What we see in internet is that we have many ePatients online presenting and sharing  information and resources, thereby helping others by spreading best practice and increasing people’s awareness of practical, medical issues.

We need to encourage medical doctors and physicians to use the social media much more and be more present on the internet.


Berci has some ideas:

1) he says that social media must be ’curated’ through crowdsourcing

2) digital literacy must be in the medical curricula, e.g. via more summer courses on  social media

The final medical futurist vision: a stable relationship of mutual trust between doctors and patients with social media resources filling the void between patients and doctors where and if needed!!

A live blog by Nadia Ceratto