Herman van Veen: if the children are doing well, so is the world

MB-20130408-0239On the journey from 0 to 110 the day started with children,and Herman van Veen was here to remind us of the importance of our children’s well-being. Not only is he a renowned artist but he is also a passionate ambassador for children’s rights.

In song and word, Herman van Veen made a plea to watch over our children more carefully, because children’s rights are violated every day. And not only in developing countries or in wars, but also still in the Netherlands. We should take special care of these vulnerable people, because it’s difficult for them to stand up to adults and change their situation. They depend on our good care for a happy childhood.

But why? Of course it’s our moral duty to be good to our children, but what’s there to be gained by it? Herman van Veen shares his deep belief that when children grow up without their rights being violated there will be no war or hunger. There is no better and cheaper way to ensure a bright future for our planet. Or, as the motto of the Herman van Veen foundation says: “If the children are doing well, then so is the world”.

“Who clipped your wings before you ever sailed the sky?”. A sentence from the beautiful final song tells us how fragile the position of the child is. But, it also leaves to the imagination what can happen when we our the responsibility towards children and by that ensure a better future for everyone. An impressive first talk of this day.

A live-blog by Michiel Rutjes