How did TEDxNijmegen inspire you?

A crosspost/blog by Karin Oost

TEDxNijmegen 2013 was a source of inspiration. Trending Topic on the Internet. Worldwide many people have enjoyed the TEDxtalks presented through the livestreams. 

To me the TEDtalk of  Wanda de Kanter en Pauline Dekker was one of the highlights. The pulmologists showed that not the patients should be ashamed but the tabacco industry, that earns money despite all their killings. They’ve performed a play in which they charge the industries.

What left me shivering was the TEDxTalk of Tom Heerschop, who discovers after fifteen years of therapy: ‘I am not crazy, I have a tumor.’ With Lowie van Gorp my eyes teared up during his story about his daughter. He advocates that professionals in healthcare shoud give their patients choices about life.

Now, afterwards what sticks with me is what Marcel Olde Rikkert advocated. ‘Aging doesn’t have to be nasty. His theory describes exactly that which Edward Gerjouy showed us: being vital at a high age. He even finished a study at the age of 92 and is still performing research. “There is no secret” the old man says, “just I didn’t smoke, I walked the stairs, had a little bit of luck and the right genes”.

Aging almost seems like something to look forward to.

So what do you remember of TEDxNijmegen 2013? Which talks are still in your head, who has inspired you and which ideas do you have? Let us know on Artsennet! 



Here are some soundbites to recapture:

Herman van Veen, nice an lovely call for internatinal child protection through a story about the nine year old Lucas, accompagnied by guitarmusic and something tot hink about ‘what do my actions or non actions, my decisions or non decisions of silence mean for children?’ 

Lowie van Gorp  ‘and then there was silence….’

Supernurse Tamara Schalken: ‘Nurses should come out of their comfort zones

Wendy Sue Swanson. Advocates a better use of communicationtools

Tom Heerschop. He as not crazy, he had a tumor.

Fire talk Veronique Nas: ‘let patients get involved in research’

What can the Higgsparticale do for healthcare? Sijbrand de Jong explains.

Entrepeneur Michiel Muller brings creative innovation: if you look at A, you should also see B and C.

Jan Bommerez about termites and co-intelligence.  ‘Diaologue is the way to co-intelligence. We can all make a difference‘.

Wanda de Kanter en Pauline Dekker 

Fire Talk Anne-Miek Vroom: dare to define your own why

Jack Andraka, ‘We need a medical revolution‘.

Amy Robinson about citizen science games

Bertalan Meskò, ‘Geek’ @Berci believes in the power of crowdsourcing. ‘Social media must be curated.’

McLaren from racingcar to baby with heartproblems: ‘what is the predictable event?’

Fire Talk Rene, Plee for more donors: ‘do you still care when you’re dead?

Kim Spinder: ‘no more word, excel and powerpoint’ 

Hello Europe nice idea for a platform te connect European people.

Lucien Engelen about  medcrowdfund, doing research with patients and researchers on  medcrowdpitch

NAO, Don’t be afraid of robots, the will not replace physicians. Robots are simpliefied human to help with therapy and elderly care.

Winner Singularity Global Award Remco Bloemen promotes self management tools for patints and their surrounding.

Teun! Folding cranes with clear instructions from 7-year old Teun

Trumpet player André Heuvelman has moved foreward with his handicap through music. ‘Everyone is an artist’. Wow, he plays so beautifully.

Henk Smid director ZonMW: FAIL =  First Attempt In Learning.

Edward Gerjouy example of active aging: graduated at age of 95 and is still doing research. Why? Pure luck and happy genes.

Placebo video, placebo-effect explained with knifes and a needle throught a arm, including placeboblood.

Jeroen Verwiel works with people in fulnerable stages at live. ‘The encounter with patients and relatives starts with trust.’

Lessons of Gijsbert van Es: 1. we healthy people should listen better to dying people. 2.Most people prefer not to dy alone.

Marcel Olde Rikkert with his son (16 and father (92) on stage creating a new image of aging

Fire Talk Dave, wrapped up the say last 20 months.

Melvin Samsom, about next year:  Lucien wants to go Global and Above !!