Jan Bommerez: Accelerating life by learning from termites and birds

MB-20130408-0780Having written books like “Can you teach a caterpillar to fly?” and “Seeing the forest beyond the trees” Jan Bommerez specializes and talks about new organizational paradigms based on the wisdom of nature. And so he starts his talk with a striking example about the brilliance of the brainless termites and an example about the flow of thousands of birds flying simultaneously through the air.

Their secret? Co-creation by co-intelligence! When you look at today’s society we all seem to be in a crisis. The only way to solve this is by altering our worldview, by seeing the world as an ecosystem instead of as an ego-system. Think of co-intelligence like culture: you can’t see it though you know it’s there and it influences everything. You might think: ego-system, ecosystem…can you elaborate some more? The essential part is creating wholeness, which reveals itself in relationships and starts in daily life with a dialogue from the heart instead of the head, actively sharing ideas and working together. To sum up, Bommerez points out dialogue is our way to come to synergy and co-intelligence, hence the importance of conferences like TEDxNijmegen2013!

A live blog by Wouter Wolters