Lucien Engelen: REshape blindfolded healthcare research

MB-20130408-1714Medicine and healthcare: let’s start by talking about our life, our world with special eyes: “the patient’s eyes”. Lucien Engelen on stage at TEDxNijmegen!

He provided us with new ideas about patient-centred healthcare using his internationally acclaimed experience in designing and inventing new collaborative healthcare platforms in Europe: communication and compassion for care-driven programmes that virally spread new concepts, which last and become powerful and independent holistic approaches in medicine.

“We live in a crazy world where video game consoles are at the top of business marketing”. Let’s try to refer to business as a basis to imagine how we can look at effective healthcare and find new ways to be actors – so, -that means all of us in the society – to reshape medical research, why not. Let’s create user-generated innovation in healthcare by sharing our experiences as patients, doctors, researchers, artists etc… to empower the society to change and improve our social healthcare systems.

Crisis is around us: in religion, politics, marketing or suitable sustainable financing of healthcare for that matters.

What’s happening in the daily life of a patient today?

Lucien proposed a paradigm of connecting three important worlds: Patients – Researchers – Business.

What is the design we should use to change and improve?

By finding the right directions, since  “research without the targeted groups at the table is like driving being blindfolded”, he said.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing health research by patients are promising, new avenues worth following.

MedCrowdFund is a platform that can unify these three worlds.

It’s a community site for patients to publish and fund their research ideas.

It consists of the following, related projects :

1) MedCrowdFundis a web-based research tool for patients.

It is all about how to improve a patient’s life on a “daily basis” and to create a simple-to-use website to spread the viral message through social media and help achieving a better life, step by step, for those affected by a particular disease.

2) MedCrowdPitch is a virtual place where researchers can upload a picture of themselves and patients can choose the researcher who is most suited to help move forward the knowledge and needs based or their disease.

3) MedCrowdStart  is a website wich allows people to manage a patient-driven project

Never before in history has healthcare faced such great challenges: increasing shortages of skilled personnel, doubling of healthcare demands, healthcare budgets being under increasing financial pressure and aging. Moreover, there are two developments “at the gate” waiting to disrupt many of the current care models: the assertive patient and exponential technology. The impact of new communication paradigms, such as social media and transparency of performance is just as underrated as the role of e-health is overrated. “We should think big, act small, dare to fail, stop talking …and start acting NOW” .

Thank you, Lucien for inspiring all of us!

Just to mention some of his many duties: he is Director of the Radboud REshape & Innovation Center at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, Head of the Regional Acute Healthcare Network, founder of TEDxMaastricht and TEDxNijmegen and faculty member of Singularity University FutureMed.

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