Meeting mister Parkinson

Last year I met Mister Parkinson, who came into the life of someone I love. Mister Parkinson reminded me of other persons who have hosted him such as Prince Claus (God bless his soul) and the famous “back to the future” actor Michael J. Fox. The latter invested a lot in his relationship with Mr Parkinson, but in the end they did not become friends as he explains in this video

Mr. Parkinson did not introduce himself when he came into our life. He slowly announced his entrée by depression and panic attacks. Later on, he revealed his real identity by his insecure walks and stiff hands. Then the people from the ParC (UMC St Radboud) came between him and us. They taught us how we can keep a little distance from him by medication and a lot of exercising. On good days he seems to be disappeared, but on bad days he reminds us that he is still around.

It is difficult to make room for an uninvited guest; to accept his presence, and to deal with his behaviour. Unfortunately, we cannot send him away. I do not want to think about the future, in which he will probably come closer. I just hope that Mr Parkinson will keep his distance for a while, and that he will be gentle for his host.

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