Michiel Muller: grow through uncertainty

MB-20130408-0699You have to accept uncertainty, leave safe choices, stop running around in circles and show decisiveness. That is the major point of  Michiel Muller at TEDxNijmegen. Do what you want to do, and then see the possibilities, and grow!

Michiel Muller calls himself  ‘a serial entrepreneur’ and has reason to do so. Together with his business partner Marc Schröder he launched multiple successful companies, including Route Mobiel (road service), Bieden en Wonen (Bid & Live), Vault79 (online fashion auction) and Tango (patrol stations).

Young people have less problems with accepting uncertainty than older people, says Muller, and enjoy discovery more, like Jeroen, who accompanied Muller. Jeroen’s mother had given her son a booklet in which he could write all his ideas, to realize them when he’s older. Muller was very interested in the book… but Jeroen is not just creative, he also is an entrepreneur… and entrepreneurs are not crazy!

A live blog by Frank Geene