Social Media – Connecting & Sharing

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TEDxNijmegen was organized on April 8th this year and focussed on life: accelerating from age 0 to 110. Social media had a big part in the event and was more than just a communications tool. In this article we will explain why we used social media, how we put it to good use and we’ll show you what the results of (y)our social media efforts were.

When we were setting up our social media strategy we started with a question inspired by Simon Sinek, who spoke at our first conference TEDxMaastricht: Start with ‘why?’. Last year we set a social media record with TEDxMaastricht, reaching a volume of 6,414 tweets with #TEDxMaastricht on April 2nd 2012. This year we focussed on our why and decided to go for 3 main goals: To share ideas, to connect people and to make an impact on healthcare. To do this we wrote a strategy in which content was king. But not our content.  Our content (like videos, pictures and blogs) had only the purpose of inspiring people, our content was queen. The ‘king of content’ was our public´s, their stories, opinions and suggestions were leading in our strategy.

After our goals were clear we decided Facebook and Twitter would be our two main community tools to use. Our website was degraded from primary communication tool to a central archive of content. On April 8th it was also the place where people could watch the livestream.

To measure our results we used the Symplur analysis for the conversation around #TEDxNijmegen, we used to see who were joining the conversation and to see more detailed information about our reach. We also used Google Analytics to see what effect our social media efforts had on the use of our website and we used Facebook function to export page statistics to create a detailed view on our Facebook activities.

Summary of online results:

- According to Symplur’s analysis, #TEDxNijmegen measured an impressive 7.232 tweets with 7.676.132 impressions on April 8th. (Symlur measured 6.460 tweets with 7.198.130 impressions at TEDxMaastricht on April 2nd 2012.)
- These tweets were posted by 1.679 tweeps creating an average of 301 tweets per hour (measured in a 24h period). (1.608 tweeps generated an average of 269 tweets last year on April 2nd 2012.)
- According to Crowdbooster’s stats, we posted 213 tweets using our own account that made 1.256.811 impressions and received 301 retweets.
-On Facebook we reached a total of 8.266 users and had 507 reports (likes, shares & messages) about our posts. (We reached a total of 1.515 users who generated 45 reports on April 2nd 2012.)
- In total, the Facebook posts were shown 38.216 times on user’s news feeds. (Against 9.614 impressions last year.)
- In 2,5 month we reached 841 likes on our Facebook page (it took us a year and a half to reach 864 with TEDxMaastricht)
- On April 8th, our website got 6.746 unique visitors from 66 countries with 21.546 page views. (2012: 5.507 unique visitors from 55 countries with 17.152 page views on April 2nd 2012.)
- Most traffic was generated by referrals with 49,86% of all visitors coming from other websites. (Referral traffic was 33,19% at TEDxMaastricht on April 2nd 2012.)
- The biggest contributors to this percentage were Twitter and Facebook, with 1.652 visitors from Twitter and 1.431 visitors from Facebook. (We had 483 visitors from Twitter and 432 visitors from Facebook on April 2nd 2012.)

We did not only break our record and topped last year’s results, we saw a change in the online and offline conversation. We aligned our social media strategy with our own vision and the TEDx format and saw people were connecting offline with people they met online, they were sharing ideas and were even forming groups during the event to do something with the inspiration.