Tamara Schalken: Super nurse

MB-20130408-0363If you ever need care in a hospital (again), you want Tamara Schalken to be your nurse. You can immediately see why she won the Florence Nightingale Award. Tamara enters  the room with a patient named miss Peters. There is one problem: miss Peters has not one, but three medical problems. So she is treated by doctor Brain, doctor Hip and doctor Kidney. All three doctors prescribe a different treatment. Meanwhile miss Peters main concerns are on a completely different field: ” Can I walk my dog again? Can I remain living on my own? And,. by the way, I don’t want to follow that healthy diet.”

The linking pin between those fields is the nurse. The nurse is like a juggler keeping all these balls in the air. When a doctor wants to become a super doctor, he or she has to know everything about one disease of organ. If a nurse  wants to become a super nurse he or she has to know a bit about everything.” So please fellow nurses: Get out of your comfort zone and start to get educated and specialized in everything.”

Tamara works at Jeroen Bosch Hospital, but after today her ideas are hopefully spread to hospitals all over the world.

A live blog by Renske Visscher