The positive European story: Hello Europe!

TEDxNijmegen 2013 Photo: Mirella BootOne phone call changed their lives.Three Belgian friends on a mission: the intention is to set a platform to give Europeans a change to meet other Europeans by making connections beween the European citizens in different European cities. Belgium, is that a chocolate? Do Hungarians eat goulash every day? We know as much from other countries as they know about us. How would it be to speak with other Europeans in other cities? How would it be to see how the street life is on the other side of Europe? There are a lot of possibilities with a 2 x 6 m screen. The screen has many cameras so you can look directly at each other. Every 30 minutes the connection will change to a different place.

The initiative ‘Hello Europe’ is not a promotional spot for the European Union. The guys are not members of a party and they keep far away from politics.  They also want to connect European countries outside the European Union. How would it be for you to meet other Europeans? Support the project ‘Hello Europe’ on Facebook if you want to get to know your neighbours. They want to get to know you!

A live blog by Marloes Dekker