Who can answer these difficult questions?

I find it irritating when I don’t understand why people are difficult or behave oddly (in my view). Why is the Pope against contraception devices? Why have our politicians given banks so much freedom that we are now in a credit crisis? I don’t need to agree with the Pope or the politicians, if could just imagine, just understand why they do what they do.

The most important questions to which I can get no answers and thus continue to irritate me are in the area of healthcare. Perhaps you know the answers.

These are the questions.

  1. Why in our country can marihuana and spirits only be sold in special shops and packs of cigarettes are on sale by the cashdesks of supermarkets?
  2. Why in our country are we obliged to wear a seat belt in the car and yet smoking in the care (and elsewhere) is permitted when a smoking ban would save many more lives?
  3. Why does the government insist that our food contains nothing that could possibly increase the chance of cancer by a single percent, but allow the most enormous amounts of salt and saturated fats?
  4. Why are drug dealers thrown into jail while tobacco manufacturers who deliberately make cigarettes so attractive and addictive possible, enjoy full freedom?
  5. Why in the THE land of the free market economy, the USA, are the regulations against smoking stricter than in Europe?
  6. Why do the rulers of our country have to be forced by the EU to protect her citizens properly against particulates?
  7. Why don’t we show solidarity with the majority of smokers who want to give up the habit by banning smoking in as many places as possible?
  8. Why don’t the institutions and scientists involved in healthcare all speak with a single powerful voice on the subjects above?

I think any further explanation is unnecessary. Who has the answer to one or more of these questions? I haven’t.


A blog by Frank Geene