Practical information

For those attending TEDxNijmegen here you can find all practical information fo Aril 8th.

On Monday step up to our registrationdesk in the Theater, with you best mood to be inspired. We do NOT send digital or paper (duh!) invitations, just bring us some kind of ID, we don’t want anyone to take your seat ;-) Registration opens up as of 7.45AM onwards! Please arrive early. Doors open at 7.45AM and would like everyone to be seated by 8.45AM as we will “lift-off” by 9:00 sharp!

We are proud that our great sponsors made it possible to offer you a free event, including drinks and snack.

Dress code and seating

None! We offer free seating, so no row-number-shuffle, choose any. Just a few seats however will be marked “Reserved” for our speakers and a few guests, keep them free unless you are asked to be seated there by our staff.

Also leave your business-suite @home, jump in to your most favorite clothes, we will be making video recordings of all talks and the audience will be visible in some takes. So smile and look great !!

Use of wifi/laptop/tablet

Our speakers prepared their talk with great ambition and passion. They would like to have your full attention to share their story with you! Of course you are welcome to use your laptop in the foyers, but in the theatre besides the backrow we have to decline use of laptops, tablets etc. Taking photo’s: we love it, but please do NOT use flash. Social media would be great during breaks or on your smartphone, although there is no wifi available.


How to get to the Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen? We strongly recommend using public transport, the theater is a lovely 3-minute walk from the trainstation. IF you persist coming by car : check the other travel-directions and parking info. There is a huge parking facility directly under the Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen (Keizer Karel Parking lot).

Hashtag and tweetup

For twitter, video and photo tags please use #tedxnijmegen as the identifier. Can’t wait for that Monday? We organize a tweet-up with speakers and attendees on Sunday April 7th. Few days prior we will email you some details on that.

Of course we take privacy seriously, but you could add yourself to the official twitterlist of TEDxNijmegen 2013.

Need a place to stay ?

Besides the hotels in Nijmegen also check people offering their couch or other sleeping-options. @gernaScholte was inspired by Amanda Palmer’s TED-talk this year and wrote this blog.


Still not sure about your invitation ?

If for one reason or the other you’r not sure about the invitation is OK, log in to your profile, if you see YES checkmarked , you’re all set  and we are looking forward meeting you on April 8th.

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Please note that during TEDxNijmegen, the TEDx team will be hard to reach. Prior to the day we will hand out a phone number through e-mail for just in case.


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