Simulcast locations

Of course if possible we would wish to make place for all people and individuals to attend. Unfortunately we have limited seating (around 900). Luckily we have the perfect alternative which we certainly would like to encourage you to do: organizing your very own Simulcast.

Official locations

(in random order)

  • Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center, Greece, Thessaloniki, 120 seats
  • Uppsala Biomedical Centre, Sweden, Uppsala, 50 seats
  • Kennemer Hospital, Netherlands,¬†Harlem, 50 seats
  • CBO, Netherlands, Utrecht, 50 seats
  • coLab workspace, Greece,¬†Athens, 150 seats
  • Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Netherlands, Dordrecht, 200 seats
  • NKI-AVL Piet Borst Auditorium , Netherlands, Amsterdam, 50 seats
  • Honourslab, Netherlands, Nijmegen, 20 seats
  • Cleveland Clinic, USA, Cleveland, 10 seats
  • Erasmus MC, Netherlands, Rotterdam, 10 seats
  • De GGZ Academie, Nederland, Warnsveld, 50 seats
  • Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Netherlands, ‘s Hertogenbosch, 100 seats
  • MIT, USA, Cambridge, 20 seats
  • UMC St Radboud, Netherlands, Nijmegen, Narrowcasting
  • Praktijkhuis HAN, Netherlands, Nijmegen, 100 seats
  • Nahorst MD, Netherlands, Amsterdam



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