Anke Tijtsma

Anke Tijtsma, Director at Wemos, studied nutrition and medical anthropology. She aims to improve the world both on a theoretical and a practical level, not only in her work, but in her spare time as well; locally, nationally and internationally. Fairness, sustainability, pioneering and creativity are her keywords. She advocates interdisciplinary cooperation and  promotes a greater level of awareness and of conscious action to arrive at the necessary  olutions to current global problems.

Tijtsma started her career as dietician at the Medical Centre in Leeuwarden, while finishing her anthropology studies. After she finished, she started as a nutritionist at the UNHCR. She then worked two years for the World Health Organization in Geneva, before she started as a senior advocacy officer at Wemos – an Amsterdam based non-profit organization advocating health for all worldwide through influencing policies. After 8 years of  project coordination and lobbying, she became director of Wemos in 2011. On the policy agenda of Wemos are questions such as: what can be done  to ensure good healthcare for people in developing countries? How can irrational use of antibiotics be reduced? How can we jointly solve the global shortage of health professionals? How can we prevent unethical testing of drugs in low-income countries? What can be done to reduce infant mortality rates in developing countries due to a lack of (healthy) food?

The common thread in all of Wemos’ work is to contribute in a sustainable manner to good healthcare worldwide with actions taken at home, in the Netherlands.

Besides her work as director for Wemos, Anke contributes to several other initiatives. She’s a member of the task force healthcare and development aid of the NVTG (Dutch Association for Tropical Medicine and International Health), she’s one of the founders of Werkgroep Beekdal Leusden (for development and maintainance of a strong ecological zone near Leusden), and she’s a contact person for the Vereniging Borstvoeding Natuurlijk (Breastfeeding Association), where mothers and parents to be can get answers and information about breastfeeding. Anke is member of the board of Partos, the national platform for Dutch civil society organisations in the international development cooperation sector, and advisor to the board of Musana Charity Foundation (Uganda).

Anke will talk about how a fair, sustainable healthcare system in The Netherlands wil not merely affect the national level but also have impact elsewhere, and why a sound healthcare system in other countries is also our responsibility.

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twitter: @wemos, @anketijtsma

Check out Anke’s TEDxMaastricht talk


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