Clarissa Silva

Clarissa Silva worked as a caretaker in the care of the disabled when she gets mentally ill. She was hospitalized in 2003 and lost her job. In 2009 she started as a volunteer at Pameijer. Their vision of Empowerment changed her life for good. ‘The day of the Empowerment’ at Pameijer in 2010 inspired her to work in a different way on her own recovery and she joined the Pameijer Empowerment Promotion team (PEP-team) as an experience expert. She started to give workshops at schools, for caretakers and fellow sufferers in empowerment, recovery and how to become an experience expert.

Also she started to work for one day a week as an administrative employee for this team. Her main task was to support the website. Later she started on Twitter to share her experiences at Pameijer and the PEP-team, but also she shared personal insights on her own recovery.

In November 2010 she gave a workshop on Social Media as an instrument for empowerment and recovery at a national congress about patients and their isolation.

Since January 2011 she works as a support employee-A on experience expertise at the PEP-team. She still gives workshops, she trains people and she participates in different projects on empowerment, experience expertise and recovery.

In her TED talk she will inspire us with her story of empowerment and the benefits of it for patients.


Watch Clarissa’s TEDxTalk


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