Janneke Wittekoek

To say that Janneke Wittekoek has er heart in the right place would be a cliche, but it is also true. It’s a cliche because Janneke is cardiologist. But what makes it true is the unique way in wich she shapes her profession. Janneke Wittekoek has a mission and she goes beyond what is expected to deliver her message. And the unexpected is what brings someone to TEDxMaastricht.z

Cardiovascular diseases remain the biggest cause of deaths worldwide so there is a lot to be done. But, as Janneke observed in her practice, it is difficult for most people to see what risks they take everyday that can be prevented. People aren’t aware how nutrition and lifestyle affect the health of their heart. The risk for heart diseases can be greatly reduced with the right preventive measures, but how to communicate this message? What can you do? Well, for one you can take the opportunities you get to spread the word. Janneke writes articles and blogs, does interviews and now she will take the stage at TEDxMaastricht. But humor also works to get the message across. Don’t be a grumpy doctor, but be the teacher people love.

Janneke Wittekoek has worked in different hospitals and is currently working in the Cardiology Centre Almere. Besides that she is also director and founder of the Active Prevention Plan Foundation. In these functions she works on creating awareness for cardiovascular diseases and how to prevent them from happening.

During the upcoming TED talk Janneke will be accompanied by an unusual guest: Joop Braakhekke. Joop Braakhekke is famous in the Netherlands for being an outstanding chef as well as his flamboyant character. As befits a good cook he likes to have a nice dinner and a great glass of wine, so one can only wonder what this curious duo is going to bring to the stage…

Watch Janneke and Joop’s TEDxTalk


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