Lucien Engelen

Initiator & curator ‘The Future of Health’ / TEDxMaastricht / TEDxNijmegen

Without Lucien, there would be no TEDxNijmegen. He initiated it, because he, like many people, agrees that healthcare is facing some serious challenges, although Lucien, unlike many other people, does something about it. And does it in such a way that it inspires people. As he writes on his LinkedIn profile: “We should think big, act small, dare to fail and stop talking … and start acting.” Although TEDxNijmegen is not exactly a small act. Taking a look at Lucien’s career, it’s quite clear that Lucien is all about improvement. But improvement with a heart. That’s the key. (read more about Lucien’s passion for compassion and the how & why of the first TEDxMaastricht here)

Lucien Engelen started out at the family company (several companies such as automotive, Emergency Services and funeral services in a holding), where he was the co-owner and director. After almost twenty years, he decided to focus on emergency medical services. He sold the other divisions and merged the EMS branch into the new organization RAV Limburg Noord, which he led for five years as CEO. When the time came to start implementing quality management systems, Engelen decided that although this was an important step, it was not his to take. Time for something new: he became Head of Regional Emergency Healthcare Networks at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre and was appointed Advisory of the executive board of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre.

In 2010, Lucien added some more spice to his already busy life. He became founding director of the Radboud REshape & Innovation Center. This center which contains at present two branches, runs smart innovative projects and the Radboud REshape Academy. This remarkable initiative is all about changing healthcare innovating towards patients by organizing conferences and masterclasses, sharing innovations, using social media, doing research and compassionately listening to patients’ experiences. The REshape center advocates empowerment of patients (in which social media can play an important part) and stimulates patients (and their family and informal carers) being welcomed as a part of the team. From patronizing doctors to participating professionals.

And of course, thinking big again, REshape Innovation Center is part of an international movement.

Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, together with the Mayo Clinic set up the Social Media Health Network. Radboud REshape Healthcare and Innovation Center is conducting the European branch. Lucien, being a fanatic user of social media and having a hands-on mentality, is a member of the advisory board  of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Center.

Lucien is also a member of the FutureMed faculty at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, member of the Advisory Board of Standford University’s Medicine X and was recently appointed Member of the Advisory Board of Crowdsourcing Week Asia 2013 where he besides curating the Healthcare track also will be keynoting.

Recently Lucien was interviewed by UK’s National paper The Guardian about his vision of change in healthcare. His TEDxTalk was featured on the Global

Being a reknown speaker on change in healthcare at many conferences worldwide, the fact that many healthcare conferences lacked the presence of the most important player on the program: patients. Setting up conferences since 2008 always WITH patients included that still is mindboggling for him. At TEDxMaastricht 2012, Lucien shared his idea how to solve that problem.

And then there’s TEDxNijmegen, where experts, innovators, inquisitive minds, doctors, critics, patients, managers, and lots of other people who care will attend this day-long shot of inspiration and new perspective. At the Stadschouwburg Nijmegen, through many livestreams and simulcasts. As Lucien says, “it’s all about|idea’s worth doing”.

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