Marco van Beers

For many, especially in the care sector, technology is often linked to phrases like cold, impersonal, distant and often seen as a deviation from what care is about: direct human contact. However, more and more we see examples were technology that helps us getting in contact and mirrors personal touches. In the design community we see the emergence of something like “empathic design” as a way to put the the social and emotional effect of the technology at the centre.

Marco van Beers, though quite young and in the final stages of his master thesis, has done some promising projects in that direction. For example “The Necklace” for cancer patients. This necklace reacts to the cancer markers in the persons bloodstream by showing a specific color based on the type and stadium of the cancer. By adding beads to the necklace the person shows the evolution of the cancer over time. This image helps people communicate emotions without words.

He is involved in the Nano supermarket. This initiative shows us examples how ubiquitous and small technology will influence our lives in the years to come. The goal is to inspire by examples and stimulate the discussions on the impact of these technologies on us as people.

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