Marion Coster

Singer and catalyst for change approach to healthcare

Why you should listen to her:

Marion can track compassion for care in her work and as a daily experience resuming the concept in a word: sharing harmony.

Music comes to life. Music comes to hospitals and patients.

Living in the Netherlands, Marion studied pedagogy to apply an innovative approach to work as creative therapist for children with emotional and behavioural problems. With the use of drama-video therapy, she treated psychiatric patients in hospital and day-treatment.

As a singer in two bands “Jazzy covers” and “Rock covers”, Marion in her daily life is working as practice nurse at a General Practice in Nijmegen. Her specialties are diabetes, COPD and stop smoking.

Inspired by the passionate presentations at TEDxMaastricht 2011 she composed the Compassion for care song. Now she has been invited to present this song during TEDxMaastricht 2012.

Quotes by Marion:

“I hope my Compassion for care song will inspire all healthcare workers.”

“I also wrote this song to let all patients know Compassion is the central issue in patient care.”

Twitter:       @MarionCMusic


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Video of her music :

Compassion for Care song from UMC St Radboud on Vimeo.


 Watch Marion’s performance


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