Pedro Monteiro

Pedro Monteiro MD, MSc, Phd, is a Cardiologist in the Coimbra University Hospital, Portugal largest healthcare infrastructure. In his activities as a physician and a lecturer, he often found that there was reduced awareness on the general public and in the primary care medical community about cardiovascular risk and risk factor optimization.

In order to minimize this problem, he joint efforts with Take the Wind, a local technology company. Together they have created iPatient, a multi-touch interactive platform to train MDs and other healthcare professionals in disease awereness. How? Trough the creation of 2D simulators that mimic ER patients, whit whom trainees can interact, asking questions, performing a physical exam, monitoring vital signs, prescribing exams and medications and, thus, determining good or bad outcomes.

With more than 200 physicians trained in this manner, feedback has been very positive. Now steps are taken to create a nationwide program to increase medical awereness in several key diseases.

In the future, Pedro aims to cross borders and expand activities and audiences, building networks, transforming the iPatient in a global learning interactive platform.

Watch Pedro’s TEDxTalk


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