Roni Zeiger

Dr. Roni Zeiger is former Chief Health Strategist at Google and is now co-founder and CEO of Impatient Science. He is a practicing physician, father of a son and daughter and a husband, and co-founder of and Seduce Health.

His mission: to use his expertise and knowledge to help potentially millions of people each day by making it possible for everyone to have acces to high quality health information.

Zeiger studied at Stanford University School of Medicine and specialised later on in clinical information technology. He was a fellow in medical informatics at Veterans Affairs in Palo Alto, California, and received a masters degree in biomedical informatics from Stanford University.

Zeiger started his professional career as a primary care physician, an urgent care physician, and has served as a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine.

He wrote medical textbooks and a number of articles. Zeiger says it is impossible for a physician to remember all possible diagnoses and their symptoms. That’s why he developed the tool Diagnosaurus and more recently Google’s Symptom Search.

At Google he led efforts in efforts ranging from Flu Trends and Google Health to Google Body and Symptom Search.

Besides his work, he still sees patients at a local urgent care center, serves on the Board of Directors of Medic Mobile, and mentors health startups at Rock Health.

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