Yori Swart

Yori Swart is a talented Dutch singer/songwriter, born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. She sings Pop music with a Folk/Alternative edge. Since the age of 10 she has been performing with her guitar. Her inspiration comes from guitar virtuosos Ani DiFranco, singer/songwriter Fink, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple and Walis Bird. Yori’s performances are well known energetic gigs with lots of intensity, a combination of fierce ad-libs, beautiful guitar playing and a nice warm voice. Her self titled album was recently released, and it is full of musical goodies.

The career of Yori Swart has had a flying start. In 2010 she won the ‘Amsterdam Popprijs’. This year she was decorated with ‘the Sena Performers POPnl Award’ and ‘the large price of the Netherlands, department singer-songwriter’. The jury: `Yori Swart is a gifted musician; she plays with full dispossession and passion. She has everything under control and creates magical moments.’

Her first album ‘Yori Swart’, with the single ‘I say Nothing’ is released on the february 17th 2012.

The performance and music of Yori Swart are beyond compare. She plays with her whole heart. ‘Every action is a need, each note which she sings is home’. With her powerful songs Yori quits a room and her unique voice amazes everybody.

Watch Yori’s performance

More about Yori:

Website: http://www.yoriswart.nl (Soon: www.yoriswart.com ) http://ongekendtalent.nl/yoriswart







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