Talks 2012

Watch the TEDxMaastricht 2012 talks and interviews below.

Session 1

Jelle Barentsz – ‘Yes, we scan!’

Marco van Beers – ‘Technology for empathy’

Naveen Jain – ‘Solutions start with individuals’

Geert VandeWalle – ‘Everybody can help’

Clarissa Silva – ‘Expert from experience’

Judith Homberg – ‘Walking on the treadmill’

Roni Zeiger – ‘Embrace the patient story’


Interview break

More interviews…


Session 2

Jeroen van Dillen – ‘Three dilemmas of participation’

Cathy van Beek – ‘Running a hospital with compassion’

Peter Nicks – ‘Introducing The Waiting Room’

Yori Swart

Paul Levy – ‘Balls and beds; building champions’


Session 3

Edje Alingo Doekoe – ‘A blessing from the heartlands of Surinam’

Anke Tijtsma – ‘We are the world’

Bart Knols – ‘Cheese and dogs and pills to kill mosquitoes’

Maria Jansen – ‘Put on your high heels’

Michael Evans – ‘A true general practicioner’

Paul Grundy – ‘Smarter healthcare by smarter use of data’

Stephen Friend – ‘Break down the information walls’

Marcel Joachimsthal – ‘Healthy user data’

Henk Braam – ‘Talking to Toontje’


Session 4

Pedro Monteiro – ‘Learning the trade with the help of virtual patients’

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald – ‘Sharing makes you better’

Marion Coster – ‘Sings her heart out’

Future of Health Award

Janneke Wittekoek & Joop Braakhekke – ‘Eat with your brain to save your heart’

Lucien Engelen & Jip Keijzer – ‘Patients included’

TEDxMaastricht – Grande Finale


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