Talks 2011

Ragna van den Berg - “This is your captain speaking”

Fred Lee – “Patient satisfaction or patient experience?”

Simon Sinek – “First Why and then Trust”

Lawrence Sherman – “Turning medical education inside out and upside down”

Tim Hurson – “Shock of the Possible”

Luuk Simons – “From disease management to lifestyle management”

Pieter Kubben – “From medical knowledge to practical healthcare””

Sophie van der Stap – “Girl with the nine wigs”

Renger Witkamp – “Health: the ability to adapt to an ever changing environment”

Wolter Mooi – “Guiding current routines of future doctors”

Daniel Kraft – “What’s next in healthcare?”

Thomas Power – “The end of organizations as we know them”

Brainmarker – “Attention becomes “atTEDtion”

Frits van der Sman – “Use video to explain medical procedures to patients”

Wouter Bos – “Is technology the answer to the rising costs of healthcare?”

Dave deBronkart – aka as e-Patient Dave : “Let patients help!”

Luciano Floridi – “The fourth technological revolution”

Remco Hoogendijk – “The 7 sins of healthcare innovation”

Aldith Hunkar – “Opening TEDxMaastricht and the story of her sister Aisha”

Nicolette Mak – “Purpose, perception and power”

Bas Bloem – “From God to Guide”

Team Shmetta – “Breakdance awe: anatomically impossible”

Coen van Veenendaal – “Just do it!”

Emma Bruns – “A pit 4 all”

Melvin Samsom – “Wrapping up TEDxMaastricht with YOUR 2 minute thoughts”

Salmaan Sana- “Compassion for Care”

Lucien Engelen – “Let’s start saving lives by crowdsourcing”

Paul Iske – “Brilliant failures in healthcare”

Frans Hiddema – “The least used resource: patient”

During TEDxMaastricht, our media partnerĀ Medisch Contact has put together a beautiful set of interviews with speakers and attendees of the conference that were broadcasted in a simulcast web tv programme by Quadia Web TV. We are very proud of and thankful for these incredible efforts! Enjoy the interviews below: