TEDx – slow release

Cough drops? Check. Handkerchiefs? Check. It is Monday 8 April and I have an invitation to TEDxNijmegen, but I’ve been plagued by a heavy cold for a week now. Apparently I’m experiencing something of that flu that’s been going around for sevent

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About trust one and Formula 1

Did you see the Kings inauguration last week? Robbert Dijkgraaf was present at the Dam Square and had the honour to be the first one to officially announce to the public we have a King as of now. Robert  (past president of the Royal Netherlands

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Food for thought

A couple of weeks ago I attended TEDxNijmegen, which was a very inspirational day. I learned something from each and every one of the speakers, but here’s what struck me most: The power of numbers The talk of Amy Robinson (A game to map the brain)

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Social Media – Connecting & Sharing

TEDxNijmegen was organized on April 8th this year and focussed on life: accelerating from age 0 to 110. Social media had a big part in the event and was more than just a communications tool. In this article we will explain why we used social media, h

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How did TEDxNijmegen inspire you?

A crosspost/blog by Karin Oost TEDxNijmegen 2013 was a source of inspiration. Trending Topic on the Internet. Worldwide many people have enjoyed the TEDxtalks presented through the livestreams.  To me the TEDtalk of  Wanda de Kanter en Pauline Dekk

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Photography contest winners

We held a photography contest for pictures about life. We received over 130 photo’s from all over the world. Some endearing, some shocking, inspiring, heart-warming. Our jury consisting of professional photographers Rene Wouters, Aad van Vliet,

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The edition where it all comes together

Interview with Lucien Engelen, by Wouter Wolters Looking back on TEDxMaastricht 2012 Lucien Engelen is the first to mention that it was different. TEDxMaastricht 2011 was aimed at the perspective of the patient. After the event several people asked L

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Gijsbert van Es: the art of dying

Most of us don’t like thinking about death and dying. About 2 or 3 out of 10 people are at ease  talking about death. The rest of us want to keep death, talking and thinking about it, at a distance. A great distance. Out of all people in the t

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